Thursday, 28 July 2011


Kangazang! publisher Candy Jar recently unearthed VHS tapes from 1996 containing interviews with Doctor Who heavyweights Tom Baker, Nicholas Courtney and John Nathan Jones.

Filmed by Candy Jar Director Shaun Russell when he was working for a local television station in Manchester, the interviews were originally thought lost forever until a chance discovery in the attic!

Tom Baker is well-known as the fourth incarnation of the enigmatic time traveller. He remains the longest-lived Doctor in the show's on-screen history, counting both the classic and modern series.

William Nicholas Stone Courtney was most famous for playing Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in Doctor Who. Generally referred to simply as the Brigadier, he one of the founders of UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce), an international organisation that defends Earth from alien threats, and serves as commander of the British contingent.

John Nathan-Turner was the ninth producer of Doctor Who from 1980 until it was effectively cancelled in 1989. He was the longest-serving and, at the time, the most widely known Doctor Who producer.

You can view the videos here:

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