Friday, 3 February 2012


Claire Cage, who appeared in the audio version of Kangazang! (available now as a 4-disc CD/DVD set, or as an Audible download) is soon to appear alongside Arthur Darvill, best known as 'Rory' in the latest series of Doctor Who, in Jonathan Swift's classic tale Gulliver's Travels.

From the Radio 4 website:

Gulliver is shipwrecked on the Island of Lilliput where the natives are tiny people living in a miniature society. With his unique overview of this realm, Gulliver discovers a world of petty politics and small minds. Coerced into a war between two nations who disagree on the best way to eat boiled eggs, Gulliver finds himself betrayed by friends and battered by enemies - escape is his only option if he wants to survive!

Gulliver's adventures in Lilliput are hilarious, disturbing and profound. This is a story of dishonest politicians, mindless ceremony and wars based on unconvincing arguments. A satire as potent now as it ever was!

Claire performed as a range of diverse characters in the sci-fi comedy which also features another Doctor (Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor). Claire lent her vocal talents to play Shelley (a blood-thirsty Amazon Queen) and M25 (a humanoid 'female' robot) as well as other roles in Terry Cooper's hilarious story.

You can find out more about Gulliver's Travels here.

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