Monday, 19 July 2010

KANGAZANG! r e m o t e p o s s i b i l i t i e s


The Final Frontier.

(Well, not unless you count time, alternate dimensions, thought travel and a myriad of other ethereal media through which one can safely travel without being atomically shredded, crushed, fiddled with or recombobulated into a sixty-five foot long bratwurst. Trust me - it's happened before.)

This is the blog of KANGAZANG - the universe-spanning saga of one man's travels to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond. A quest to find truth, meaning, love, justice... And a decent pint and a kebab.

There will be books to document the saga:

  • KANGAZANG! remote possibilities - First instalment and introduction to our heroes.
  • KANGAZANG! star stuff - Second part, chronicling the deeper implications.
  • KANGAZANG! [as yet untitled] - Third (and possibly final) part. Who knows?
Stay tuned to this blog as we divulge impotent information about the book/audiobook/movie/facebook group/twitterfeed/national craze that's taking the Geekiverse by storm!

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