Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Site for sore.......Ears?

Well, I'm pretty excited! After what seems like yonks of waiting and developing, tweaking (ooh!) and adjusting, the KANGAZANG! website is finally here!

it's so you know!

We've got the Audiobook CD set being made AS WE TYPE! and the Second Edition book is getting a final check to fix any of my typos (ha! as IF!) and then it'll be over to the monastery, where Gregorian Monkeys will painstakingly rewrite thousands of copies with their inky quills.

The site has been lovingly crafted by the Candy Jar team ( and the genius of Aimee, who's petite frame hosts the biggest brain in the world, from 3D & 2D animation, coding, art, design and everythig else, (juggling, stilt walking) and she's mad ethe sit ethe wonderful place that it is!

She's designed a selection of OSSUM wallpapers for free download on the 'media' page of the site! GO get one! Get three!

PRE-ORDERS are now coming in for the products, which is also very exciting. The choices are:

  • 1) Second edition book
  • 2) Audio CD set (4 discer)
  • 3)SuperMegaDoubleCombo - Book and CD set - at a discount price!
Special mention to YOSS, MARK and VIRGINIA who were the very first intelligent beings to place a pre-order. Yoss is from the UK, Mark is from Belgium and Virginia is from Germany! How international is THAT?

Of course I will be signing their products and sending them out as soon as they come in!

It's all very busy and a little chaotic as you can imagine, but the advertising and marketing is beginning now - the general plan is to tell everyone in the known universe about KANGAZANG! and get them to buy a version of it!

Join the big push! Onwards and Upwards! Per Ardua Ad Astra! Excelsior! Freedom or death! (not literally) And other such motivational phrases!!!

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